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Thank you for checking out the site! If you haven't been to our place already, we hope you can make it down soon. Our beers, personnel and the brewery itself all demonstrate the things we care about here at JDub's. Starting with the most important aspect of the brewery, the beer, we use high quality ingredients to create beers we're proud to put the JDub's name on. If we mess something up in the brewing process or the finished beer doesn't meet our own high standards, we will never put it into market- giving it a funky name and loading up with ingredients to cover the defect(s). Also, we have yet to put an extract in any of our beers. We hope to never do so. If the beer description says "chocolate", or "honey", or "coffee", or "fill in the blank", those ingredients were used in the brewing process. So if it says JDub's, you know we are offering a high quality beer. Secondly, the family here at JDub's reflect what is important to us. We want all to feel welcomed when coming down to our brewery. Our staff here at JDub's are passionate, friendly people that I am proud to call my friends. And lastly, the brewery. There are no bells and whistles in our brewery. Much of what you see we designed and installed ourselves. What is important to us is the quality of the beer, and you don't need a uber expensive, German made system to make damned good beer (although I admit they make some great equipment) All of our brewing equipment was made right here in America, by our friends at Portland Kettle Works in Portland, OR.

When we talk about JDub's, you'll probably here the words, "Quality, Innovation and Culture" This stands for quality in our beers and the people we employ, Innovation in the beers we offer (but still need to be delicious and balanced) and the culture we've installed and created- offering high quality beers, not allowing jerks in the family, and giving back to our wonderful community doing community service around Sarasota) See "JDub's Street Team". Also, JDub's is a veteran owned business.

So thanks again for checking out the site. We hope to see ya soon.

Jeremy "JDub" Joerger

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