JDub’s Brewing Company is a production craft brewery & tap room located in sunny Sarasota, FL. Everything we do is based off our three core values:


Each of these values tie into one another to shape the spirit and products of JDub’s. Our beer can be found at your favorite watering holes throughout Florida, but always in our tap room at the brewery. Stay in touch – @jdubsbrewing  follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat, Like us on Facebook, and check back here often.

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Excited to get @jdubsunfiltered back up and runnin’. Pre recording w Lance, a para rescue combat vet. Talking about the great work being done @ayahuascausa Lance heads up a veterans retreat, “Warrior Quest”. Lots of feels comin on this episode. @ayahuascausa #warriorquest ... See MoreSee Less
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Hey all, we've decided to take down the post showing an establishment I was inside of which is allowed too be open amidst the forced shutdown of bars and taprooms. I tried not to show the name of the restaurant, but I may not have hit the mark. Therefore, I've decided to take the post down. Again, I don't want to see any small businesses closed and my intent was purely to point out the lack of logic regarding the select closure of bars and taprooms purely because we don't sell food. Hopefully that was accomplished. #whereisthelogic #killingsmallbusiness #letusopenresponsibly ... See MoreSee Less
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Let’s’ get open!Greetings Friends and our community brethren. Over the past several weeks, JDub’s and myself personally have been bombarded with media inquiries. Although I’ve tried to discuss this matter with all who have inquired, I know hitting that mark hasn’t been accomplished. Hopefully this will get those who have asked the answers they’ve been looking for. Below you’ll find 1) JDub’s proposed solution to the closures and how to get breweries back open and 2) JDub’s attempt to help fellow local businesses, the bar owners and employees who are amongst the hardest financially hit by this Pandemic. First off, thanks to Governor DeSantis for hearing Florida breweries and bars call to ask for a discussion. Next week starting Friday, Department of Business and Professional Regulation Secretary Halsey Beshears will begin discussion with bar and brewery owners throughout the State to discuss how we may begin to reopen our taprooms and retail establishments. To Governor DeSantis, I can only imagine the quagmire this must be for you, to put it mildly. This hasn’t happened in our lifetimes and no administration during that time period has had to deal with anything like this. For this you have my sincere condolences. Now for my personal answer to your call. And to all who read this letter, I’d like to make it clear that I am not a member of the Florida Brewer’s Guild, the craft beer communities collective voice in our State. Although I support and very much for the Guild I am not of the Guild and my words are entirely my own on behalf of JDub’s Brewing Company solely. A bit of background and my personal observations first. Over the past 19 weeks, 2/3rd of my business has been virtually non-existent. With the exception of a two-week period when we were allowed to reopen, we have not been able to open our taproom, our highest margin generator. Moreover, our customers; bars and restaurants, have been either forced to restrict operations or close entirely. During this same time, several venues have been authorized to remain open. I’ve personally witnessed bands playing for audiences and folks congregating as they normally would pre-pandemic, albeit with the addition of face masks. As I’ve witnessed this and watch my business literally be devastated as more money than I’ll disclose has been lost as a result of being forced to close, I could only wonder, “why”? Again, in unprecedented times, sometimes the best intentions do not reflect policy. I get it. This being said, I don’t believe any business should be required to close, including those that have been allowed to remain open. However, I believe it’s time to assess the fallout recent policies have had on business and determine a way to balance the health of our citizens with that of our State’s economy. Below I’ll offer my suggestions on how us breweries can safely re-open our taprooms. I’ll leave the suggestions for bars to the people who run those establishments. The same on-premise distance requirements imposed on taprooms as restaurants. Tables that aren’t fixed can usually be moved relatively easily to accommodate this mandate. I’ll also add that I would be okay if patrons were required to wear masks when seated inside of my taproom, outside of when needed to be manipulated in order to consume. For those of us who offer outdoor spaces, the same distancing requirements, however, in this case I’d ask that masks be allowed to be removed at the discretion of the patrons rather than regulatory decree. Furthermore, as a citizen, I would offer up the elimination of large-scale events. For me, this would be the monthly food truck rallies JDub’s first introduced to the local brewing community several years ago and something us and our patrons look forward to each month. The aforementioned policies I have presented answer the call – getting our businesses back open and implementing policies in line with those already mandated that serve to balance the necessity to protect our citizens while at the same time preventing the permanent closure of several small businesses. And I’d like to say to those who disagree, I can only tell you that I am a working citizen, still making my way and trying to secure a financial future for my children. If things don’t change, JDub’s will close permanently. I’m literally fighting for the survival of my company and children’s future. If you do not agree to open businesses remaining open within a framework aimed to protect citizens to the best degree possible, stay home. We’ll try to get our beer to ya somehow. Now to those effected the hardest by this pandemic, bars and to a lesser degree, restaurants in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, we at JDub’s have come up with a program that I hope will offer you some relief during this time. Several weeks ago, I approached our local distributor, Gold Coast Eagle, and requested that we offer a discount program for you, our customers who buy beer in keg package and located in Sarasota and Manatee counties. GCE graciously accepted without hesitation. The discount program will begin August 3rd. As you in the service industry navigate through this pandemic, know that we are with you. I know this is a drop in the bucket, but I hope it helps. Please inquire with your GCE representative for details. In closing, thank you to all who have supported this brewery and my dream for the past 6+ years. What a wild ride it’s been…. I can’t wait to see you all again in the taproom or in the community, hopefully over a JDub’s beer. To those in the media that I haven’t yet responded to, I hope I’ve been able to answer some of your questions. To Governor DeSantis and Secretary Beshears, thank you for your consideration. Again, I can’t imagine what it must be like for you to try to lead our State through these unchartered, sordid waters. I’m confident if you’d like to discuss further that you can find me. Cheers! - JDub #craftbeer #drinkcraft #beerlover #beers #beerme #localcraft #beerstagram #beerporn #beertime #supportlocalbreweries #jdubs #localbrew #craftbeerlofe #wheresmybeer #whysomany #craft #beergasm #beergeek #livebeer #beerculture #drinklocal ... See MoreSee Less
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We are open for take out orders today. We have 6 packs in stock and crowlers available for all of our beers on tap. Passion WheatPoolsideBell CowUp Top!are available in 6 packs ... See MoreSee Less
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What a great turnout this past weekend as we opened our doors for the first time since the Black Plague began its descent upon us all. Seriously, thanks to all who came by and continue to support @jdubsbrewing We’ll be open this Thursday through Sunday. Stay tuned for what we have planned. Teaser; it involves food trucks, music, beer and axe throwing.......#craftbeer #drinkcraft #beerlover #beers #beerme #localcraft #beerstagram #beerporn #beertime #supportlocalbreweries #jdubs #localbrew #craftbeerlofe #wheresmybeer #whysomany #craft #beergasm #beergeek #livebeer ... See MoreSee Less
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