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06/25/2020 @ 22:17
JDub's Watertillo is on, replacing JDub's Sour Jane
06/25/2020 @ 17:26
JDub's Smash is on, replacing JDub's Up Top!
06/21/2020 @ 18:23
JDub's Hazy IPA is on, replacing JDub's Blueberry IPA
06/21/2020 @ 18:21
JDub's Farmers Daughter is on, replacing JDub's Kiki
06/16/2020 @ 15:25
JDub's Kiki is on, replacing JDub's Trained Observer
06/13/2020 @ 12:27
JDub's BP Sour is on, replacing JDub's Farmers Daughter
05/12/2020 @ 17:23
---NEW BEER ALERT--- THIS FRIDAY we're releasing "Ye Olde Youthful", a blend of a wheat beer aged in our Foeder for 9 months and a Mixed Culture beer aged in our Funk Wagon for over a year. $18 per bbl. See the video for Jack's tasting notes. See ya soon!
03/20/2020 @ 10:29
Opening up our draft lineup for "to-go" orders. You can order through our website. Instructions below. And most importantly, stay safe!
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03/17/2020 @ 17:29
Hey all, we are saddened to announce that the Corona Virus situation has forced us to make the call - effective at 5pm today, we will be closing our taproom until further notice. We de hope to open during select times for package-only "to-go" sales. Stay tuned and thanks!
03/17/2020 @ 13:22
JDub's Sour Jane is on, replacing JDub's The Bazaar
03/17/2020 @ 10:00
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!
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03/14/2020 @ 17:35
JDub's The Bazaar is on, replacing JDub's Sour Jane
03/14/2020 @ 15:40
JDub's Trained Observer is on, replacing JDub's Pickle Pour
03/13/2020 @ 11:05
Did you know that hops are used to reduce anxiety, help with sleep and produce relaxation?

Some studies even show that hoppy beer is easier on your liver than beer with no hops.
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03/12/2020 @ 10:10
“Fantastic offering to stumble upon while on vacation. Poured from a can into an angry chair tulip. Poured a jet black with a creamy khaki head. Bursts with chocolate flavor that was found on the palate as well.”
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03/11/2020 @ 12:48
JDub's Heat of Passion is on, replacing JDub's Strange Dayz
03/11/2020 @ 10:15
Come relax and renew tonight at Craft Beer Yoga 6:30-7:30!

Hope to see you there!
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03/10/2020 @ 10:15
Are you craving tacos today?

There’s a reason! It’s TACO TUESDAY and TRIVIA tonight from 7-9pm. https://www.jdubsbrewing/
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